What are the best courses for girls after 12th?

Sticking to the same old medical or engineering field might sound boring for some so why not look out for other options?  Here are some of the best courses for girls after 12th,


Yes you heard it right! You have an option of making a career in drug and food administration, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies as well after you complete your 12th grade. The two courses available in Pharmacy are Bachelor and Diploma in Pharmacy. The pharmaceutical industry in India is currently witnessing a massive growth as well, so it would be a perfect time to do this particular course. Moreover, our country is also being promoted as a medical tourism destination. This field is again one of the best courses for girls after 12th grade. 

Cabin Crew

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Another best career option that most of the girls opt for is this. Being a cabin crew is not an easy task as it comes with great responsibilities. Yes you can travel the world but on the other hand you have to take your responsibilities seriously. There are many courses that would teach as well as train you and once you’re selected by an airline, you will further receive more training that would help you to do your job better.

Police Service

One of the highly respected career options and can be taken up by any gender. If you want to work for the Indian Police Forces, then you must be up for any challenge that comes in your way. Getting promotions and awards is secondary. This field requires self sacrifice, patriotism and immense courage. You constantly need to think about the welfare of the society and how you can make it a better place for everybody to live in. 


Fitness Instructor

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Yet another best career option is to become a fitness instructor. The duration of the course is about three to six months and can be taken up right after you graduate from your 12th grade. All the health conscious girls who would love to maintain their body and impart their training to others can pick this career. You will learn yoga, aerobics, fitness techniques and other exercises as well and will be a certified fitness instructor. You could also get a chance to train celebrities or state level teams if you excel in your field. 

Apart from these other best courses for girls after 12th grade includes fashion technology, radio jockey, culinary arts, nutritionist and many more.