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Social Media


  Readers are Champions

This is a radio programme that reveals the importance and benefits of reading. The programme provides a platform for people to share their experiences, the positive impact and the empowerment they have derived as a result of reading widely.

  Students Mentoring

In this programme, well meaning Nigerians from various fields are taken to schools to share their experiences, interact and give motivational talks to students, building up their believe  in themselves and  hope for a better and greater  NIGERIA.

  Celebrity/ Author Reads and Signs (CARAS)

This is a quarterly programme  aimed at promoting reading and writing culture. Here authors are taken to schools on educational visit to discuss their books, share their experiences, speak on the benefits of reading and motivate students to imbibe the culture of reading. 

  Keep- A- Child- In- School ( KACIS)

Keep-In-School (KIS) is an educational outreach programme aimed at increasing access, enrollment and retention of pupils in school.

This is done by soliciting support from individuals, groups and organizations to curb the plight of indigent primary school children. During this event, educational, teaching and learning materials such as school uniforms, foot wears, text books, exercise books, writing materials and many more are distributed to the pupils.

  Grooming the Champions, (Academic Competition)

Grooming the Champions is a Reading/Academic Competition aimed at encouraging students to read widely. Here, students are expected to make impromptu discussion on any topic picked.

Topics for discussion cover topical issues; curriculum based subjects; personalities; parastatals / agencies / ministries; culture / ethnic groups;  sports / entertainment; citizenship / patrotism; national development; and environmental issues.  The competition also includes original composition of choral rendition and poetry to be recited and  performed by the contestants.

  The Gathering of Champions

 Gathering of Champions also referred to as Youths For Change is a one-day seminar uniquely designed to reach out to young people. It is an attitudinal change and value reorientation programme targeted at preparing Nigerian youths (who are often referred to as future leaders) for leadership positions.

   Independence Reading / World Reading Day

This unique reading programme is an annual event to celebrate Nigeria’s independence. Here, well meaning Nigerians, students, parents and Teachers come together to Read the story of this great nation. Click here to participate

   Community Youth Volunteering

 Youth Volunteering is borne out of a sincere desire to mobilize the youths to actively participate in the issues that concern them contributing meaningfully to social, cultural, and economic development in Nigeria. 

   My Teacher!My Hero

This is a Television and Radio programme aimed at celebrating Teachers and the teaching profession.